KidLead Inc. Co-Founders: Dr. Alan & Nancy Nelson

Alan E. Nelson is considered a global expert in young leader development. Dr. Nelson was a leader in the social sector for more than 20 years. He is the author of 20 books, over half of which deal with leadership topics, as well as over 200 small and feature-length articles. His landmark books: “How to Bring Out the Leader in Your Child,” “LeadYoung,” and the “KiddieLead” and “Lead1st” series books, reveal this pioneering work. Alan has an MA in psychology-communication from CSU and a doctorate (EdD) in leadership from the University of San Diego. Before donating his library, he had more than 700 books on the topic of leadership. Click HERE for a free article on his Leadership 2-22 model. Dr. Nelson is also a Lecturer of Management at the Naval Postgraduate School ( He is the primary driver behind KidLead globally.

Nancy Nelson has a degree in religious education and has worked with children and youth for years, in addition to homeschooling three successful sons (of whom two so far have graduated summa cum laude from college and graduate school). She served as the junior high director with leadership guru John Maxwell, considered the #1 leadership trainer. Nancy brings a vibrancy to the KidLead curricula design and trainer certification process. The Nelsons have been married over 30 years. Their three sons, Jeff, Jesse, and Josh, shared some of their experiences in the book, “How to Bring Out the Leader in Your Child. “The Nelsons live in Monterey, California.