LeadYoung training curricula are designed for developmental differences, based on research from Piaget, Kohlberg and others who’ve studied human development.

Here are the names, logos and descriptions of each of the 5 Stages, under the LeadYoung Training Systems umbrella …

Why should I wait 35 years to be trained? KiddieLead

Stage 1: KiddieLead / Ages 3-5 (Emerging)

Activities teach peer-led teamwork, allowing gifted young leaders to sprout. Includes 1 activities training module and 16 storybooks.

Why do we wait so late to train our leaders?


Stage 2: Lead1st / Ages 5-9 (Sprouting)

Activities teach students about the leadership process and give identified young leaders an opportunity to practice their skills. Curriculum includes 4 activities training manuals and 4 complementary storybooks.

You'll be amazed at how we preteens learn

Stage 3: LeadNow / Ages 10-13 (Cultivating)

This concentrated training offers students more gifted in leading, opportunities to jump ahead through practice, Socratic coaching, and peer challenges.

Don't just expect us to be leaders, train us how to lead so that we can be successful.


Stage 4: LeadWell / Ages 14-18 (Accelerating)

This adult-like training offers teens the ability to practice skills and gain real-world experience in leading teams, with adult and peer coaching.

We're just as capable as older adults. Give us a boost. LeadStrong

Stage 5: LeadStrong / Ages 19-23 (Advancing)

Young adults engage in mini-project and real- world projects plus mentoring, designed to help them surpass typical development rates.