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This student’s NYLI composite score: 2.73

Based on 28 out of 30 Responses

Gifting Estimate Ranges

• 1.00-2.49 Very low probability of leadership giftedness
• 2.50-3.00 Low probability of leadership giftedness
• 3.01-3.49 Slight probability of leadership giftedness
• 3.50-3.79 Modest probability of leadership giftedness
• 3.80-4.39 High probability of leadership giftedness
• 4.40-5.00 Very high probability of leadership giftedness

Subset Aptitudes Graph:

Subset Definitions & Scores:

Persuasive (P1): Leaders convince others to follow them and their ideas (compelling communication, decisiveness, negotiation, selling, convincing): Score 2.4

Propelled (P2): Leaders are self-motivated, inspiring others to participate (displays efficacy, is driven, passionate, goal-oriented, focused on a vision): Score 3

Power (P3): Leaders exude courage that inspires others to trust them (boldness, standing up for their ideas, confidence, defending others): Score 3

Planner (P4): Leaders see the big picture and create plans that engage others (strategic thinker, establishes direction and goals, assigns tasks to others): Score 2.5

Your NYLI Question Responses:

Question Name/Number Answer
Question Number :firstSometimes persuades; sometimes is persuaded
Question Number :twoSome
Question Number :thirdUnsure
Question Number :fourSometimes
Question Number :fiveOccasionally
Question Number :sixSometimes
Question Number :sevenSome; comfortable socializing with a few trusted older
Question Number :eightSome goals/projects done alone, noticed by others
Question Number :nineInitiates moderate risks, sometimes followed by a few
Question Number :tenFor a short time
Question Number :elevenNegotiates, then compromises with peers
Question Number :twelveConfidence is moderate
Question Number :thirteenOthers partially listen
Question Number :fourteenDecides quickly / may waffle afterward
Question Number :fifteenSome
Question Number :sixteenYounger ages inclined to include socially
Question Number :seventeenEven-tempered
Question Number :eighteenWill sometimes agree to be in charge when asked
Question Number :nineteenAttempts new challenges, but tends to give up when faces difficulties
Question Number :twentyVery independent
Question Number :twentyoneWill verbalize disagreement and seek rationale
Question Number :twentytwoIs willing to confront, but backs down with minor conflict
Question Number :twentythreeModerate; participates in competitions with others
Question Number :twentyfourSome
Question Number :twentyfiveUnsure
Question Number :twentysixOccasionally
Question Number :twentysevenSome encouragement one-on-one; little group inspiration
Question Number :twentyeightSometimes
Question Number :twentynineSome
Question Number :thirtyProbably

Responder Questions Answer
responderoneInformal play time
respondertwoParent/Family Member
responderthreeMore than 10 times
responderfourMore than 6 hours
responderfivelow/no control
respondersix1 year
Student Info Questions Answer

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