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Step #1 in a 3-step process:

The fee for LeadNow (ages 10-13 curriculum) or LeadWell (ages 14-25 curriculum) certification is $749 per person and includes the curriculum upon completion of the training, in compliance with a licensing agreement. (Feel free to request this in advance.) Those working with non-profit organizations receive a 33% scholarship ($499 total). You can do both LeadNow & LeadWell for an additional $250.

We may request a 5-minute video or Skype interview, to observe your presentation skills, since this is an important part of the certified trainer’s role. We will notify you after receiving this application, prior to any fee payment.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.


    Please provide two references who are not related to you and preferably who have seen you in a leadership role and/or working with this age group.



    You will be notified when we have received your application and be provided more info. There is prep work prior to the train-the-trainer event and you’ll be asked to sign an agreement, as our curricula are copyrighted. LeadNow and LeadWell are only available to certified trainers.