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(Licensing You to Use LeadNow and/or LeadWell Training Curriculum)
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If you want to change the world, focus on leaders. If you want to change leaders, focus on them when they’re young.

I love the concept that we’re training our leaders of the future. LeadNow by KidLead is a great program. I spend most of my time, working with adults in corporate America. I can tell you that these kids are much more adaptive and willing to absorb the material than someone who just came out of an MBA program or who’s been in corporate America for twenty years. –Steve Grant, KidLead Trainer (first row left in photo above)

The most important thing I see developing in these kids is that they’re teachable. They’re hungry and thirsty to learn how to be great leaders. These kids are critical thinkers, not just repeating answers, but forming credible ideas and strategies to change the world. We are creating dynamic innovators. –Patricia Smith, KidLead Trainer (first row middle in photo)

The certification was the best 1-day training I’ve ever experienced. -Gabe Guven, CVES Principal, San Jose, CA

LeadYoung Training Center Poster: Click HERE

How it works for LeadYoung Trainers seeking LeadNow (ages 10-13) and LeadWell (ages 14-25) certification. Rates and details for US & Canada ONLY. Contact us for non-US details.

  • Step 1: Registration: Submit an online application (see below). We’ll then send you info on fees, prep requirements, and licensing agreement. You may be asked to send a resume/bio, a presentation video, and/or set up a Skype interview with Dr. Nelson. When approved, submit fees and the signed licensing agreement you’ll receive. Certification investment is $749 ($250 discount for those working with non-profit organizations: $499). This includes train-the-trainer & curriculum! You can be certified to do BOTH LeadNow & LeadWell for only $250 more.
  • Step 2: Preparation: Approx. 20 hours of pre-training prep including reading the Training Manual, reviewing a 200-page book (and an additional book for LeadWell Trainees), website work, watch a few videos, and rehearse your assignment in the mini-camp. Fee includes all materials.
  • Step 3: Instruction: Approximately 10-hours of live training with a Lead Trainer OR webinars are next, including a 1-4 hour session with students, where you’ll use training curriculum we give you and receive coaching in your role as a Trainer & Koach. This Mini-camp is your on-the-job training. If this cannot be done face-to-face, we use WiFi/Skype/iPad so a Lead Trainer can work with you.
  • Step 4: Implementation: Run 1 training module on your own or as a co-leader. We want to practice what we teach; learn by doing. By running your own program, you’ll apply what you were taught and you’ll demonstrate your leadership abilities. After successful completion of your first module, you’ll be officially certified and receive your 1st Training Module curriculum. After completing this, you’ll receive 1 more until you’ve collected all 4. Follow up coaching and feedback is included.

Are you serious about student leadership development?  Here’s what we’ve learned about people who go through the training, but fail to launch.  Click HERE for a 2-page article that may save you money, time and a sense of failure.

You can become a certified trainer for the sole purpose of investing in students and/or working with another organization. Some choose to donate their time and energy in schools, churches, civic groups and other non-profits.  You can also use this certification as a means to generating additional income as an independent contractor.  You set the tuition.  Most charge between $150-$400 per student, per module.  A student workbook is required for each participant ($25-30), covering your licensing fee to use the copyrighted curriculum.  Additional resources are also available (I.e. t-shirts, memory aids, concept cards, etc.).  You keep the balance of what you charge.  We’ll provide ideas for you to raise local monies for this cause along with letters that interested applicants can use to develop their individual sponsorship support.


If you as an individual or leader in an organization that has a heart for developing young leaders, would like to be a part of KidLead, we encourage you to submit an application or contact us for more information (

From a trainer’s perspective, I think the interactive leadership activities really allow the kids to focus on the concepts they’re learning.  They go away excited about what they just learned and experienced
.   -Betsy Emond, KidLead Trainer

KidLead is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization committed to providing world-class training for preteens and teens to become effective, ethical leaders.

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.–Robert Louis Stevenson

Please note there is a 2-year activation requirement, meaning that if you do not run a club within 24 months of being trained, you’ll need to be re-trained for $100-200, depending on the time off.  This ensures we have people motivated to use what they learn and who are staying renewed in the program as it grows and develops. We highly recommend that you begin the first module within 90 days of completing the training, to avoid skill atrophy (use it or lose it).

For more information on hosting a training intensive in your area, or for the next trainer certification, please contact us.

Click here to get the online Trainer Application.  Contact us for dates & locations, as they vary, based on Trainees and available hosts.

Certified Trainer Testimonial:

Dear Alan and Nancy Nelson,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI would like to thank you both for introducing KidLead into my life and to our community. Less than two years ago, when you came to our small community and introduced your program, I had no idea how influential and successful the program would be. KidLead has changed me, our community, the kids in our community and our schools.
We have had so much fun, using the curriculum with our 10-13 year old students. In 20 months we have had over 50 kids participate in the program. Out of these 50, 45 of them are still active. Over the past 2 modules, we have had every student return for the next module, if their schedules allowed. These numbers demonstrate how successful the program is. We just graduated the first 3 kids from all 4 modules. The growth in these kids as leaders is amazing. I watched them go from kids who were leading the best they could, to 6th grade students walking into our middle school as strong leaders, gaining the respect of a new staff and of older peers.
These kids now have the tools to lead very successfully. A couple of months ago, our school marquees read, “We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” This is what KidLead is giving our kids, the ability to be somebody today- great leaders, great community members and great people. I see the success of this program in the way it teaches leadership.
The active learning, the interaction with a variety of people, the debriefing after each LEAD activity and the way the curriculum allows for success and failure give these kids a great feel for what leadership demands. It builds their confidence and allows them to realize they can work through any situation. I have repeatedly loved watching a room full of leaders figure out who’s leadership skills will work best for the situation and from there, creating teams to complete the task. There have been times when this was difficult, but we’ve watched with great enjoyment how the
KidLead training successfully played out.
The KidLead club in Eaton has participated in a service project after each module. These have allowed our club to be seen in the community.
I now take phone calls regularly asking for our KidLead kids to help in community events, showing me how respected the program is in our community and how the community is watching these kids as leaders.
As a trainer, I am in awe of this program. It has changed my life. I am a better parent, teacher, friend and community member because of my training and working with the kids through this program. I truly believe in the curriculum and the success of it. I watch the kids grow in skills. I hear to the kids ask for more time and no breaks because they are so engaged in learning. I see how they are affecting our community, whether it is their classroom, family or town of Eaton. Parents write and call with thank you’s for this program. We have created a KidLead “family” in Eaton that keeps growing and getting stronger with every module. Thank you for the gift you have given me, our kids, our parents and our community! It is my honor to be part of the KidLead team!

Nina Lewis
LeadYoung Trainer
Eaton, Colorado