Wanted: People Who Love 10-13 &/or 14-18 Year Olds and Who Understand Leadership

Koaches are individuals who provide team coaching, facilitate discussions, and work with a Certified Trainer to run a local training program.

The effectiveness of KidLead training programs is based on three fundamentals:

  • 1. Curriculum designed with active learning methods and content that focuses on leadership character and competencies
  • 2. Students with leadership aptitude who are working together in teams, interacting with and learning from each other
  • 3. LeadYoung Trainers and LeadNow/LeadWell Koaches who both relate to youth as well as understand leadership
  • If you fit the latter, we’d like you to consider being a part of the KidLead revolution, to develop leaders when they’re moldable. Although only certified trainers are licensed to use the KidLead curriculum, Koaches are volunteers who serve as team leaders. Each Trainer is responsible for Koach recruitment and training. Our goal is to have at least 1 Koach per 6 participants.

If you’d like to be considered as a LeadNow/LeadWell Koach, complete the online form. Click HEREfor the form.  Please be sure to denote your sponsoring Trainer’s name and e-mail address.

Want to know more about what it entails?  Click HERE for a “Rate Your Koach” assessment that Trainers use to provide feedback for their Koaches.

Click HERE to read the Koach agreement.
There is a $50 fee in the US that includes training materials, name badge, book, and Koach polo-shirt.  Your Trainer may be willing to cover this for you.  Background checks are required for Koaches and Trainers as explained in the Koach Agreement you’ll be required to sign.

This document is ONLY for trained Koaches.  Click HERE for 55 things to say as a Koach.