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ss16a8 ulwbmj's NYLI Composite Score: NAN

Based on 0 out of 30 possible responses. 30 answers were unsure.
Note: Reliability of Composite Score questionable due to too many “Unsure” responses.

Gifting Estimate Ranges

1.00 - 2.49 Very low probability of leadership giftedness
2.50 - 3.00 Low probability of leadership giftedness
3.01 - 3.49 Slight probability of leadership giftedness
3.50 - 3.79 Modest probability of leadership giftedness
3.80 - 4.39 High probability of leadership giftedness
4.40 - 5.00 Very high probability of leadership giftedness

ss16a8 ulwbmj's Subset Aptitudes Graph

NYLI Subset Definitions & Scores

Persuasive (P1): Leaders convince others to follow them and their ideas (compelling communication, decisiveness, negotiation, selling, convincing): Score NAN
Note: Reliability of Persuasive Score (P1) questionable due to too many “Unsure” responses (7).

Propelled (P2): Leaders are self-motivated, inspiring others to participate (displays efficacy, is driven, passionate, goal-oriented, focused on a vision): Score NAN
Note: Reliability of Propelled Score (P2) questionable due to too many “Unsure” responses (7).

Planning (P3): Leaders see the big picture and create plans that engage others (strategic thinker, establishes direction and goals, assigns tasks to others): Score NAN
Note: Reliability of Planning Score (P3) questionable due to too many “Unsure” responses (7).

Power (P4): Leaders exude courage that inspires others to trust them (boldness, standing up for their ideas, confidence, defending others): Score NAN
Note: Reliability of Power Score (P4) questionable due to too many “Unsure” responses (7).

NYLI Question Responses

Question NumberYour Answer
Question # 1 Unsure
Question # 2 Unsure
Question # 3 Unsure
Question # 4 Unsure
Question # 5 Unsure
Question # 6 Unsure
Question # 7 Unsure
Question # 8 Unsure
Question # 9 Unsure
Question # 10 Unsure
Question # 11 Unsure
Question # 12 Unsure
Question # 13 Unsure
Question # 14 Unsure
Question # 15 Unsure
Question # 16 Unsure
Question # 17 Unsure
Question # 18 Unsure
Question # 19 Unsure
Question # 20 Unsure
Question # 21 Unsure
Question # 22 Unsure
Question # 23 Unsure
Question # 24 Unsure
Question # 25 Unsure
Question # 26 Unsure
Question # 27 Unsure
Question # 28 Unsure
Question # 29 Unsure
Question # 30 Unsure

Questions For YouYour Answer
Trainer's Email
Your Name * * * Apple iPhone 15 Free * * * hs=15028f451ad0ad358c92a889cd04111f*
Your Email
Organization riw74a
Observation Setting Other
Your Role Other
Observation Frequency More than 10 times
Observation Duration More than 6 hours
Supervision Level high control
Time Known 9z6j64
Child / Youth InformationYour Answer
First Name ss16a8
Last Name ulwbmj
Age nl5xih
Gender Female
City xvk0fz
State 3ud0wb
Country y8f38w
Leadership Example qbgfkn
Project Goal 6vlfhf
Behavior 0ak2gx
Outcome wbii33
Qualifications 2k6k06
Other Comments eq0mub

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