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Tom Tester's NYLI Composite Score: 3

Based on 28 out of 30 possible responses. 2 answers were unsure.

Gifting Estimate Ranges

1.00 - 2.49 Very low probability of leadership giftedness
2.50 - 3.00 Low probability of leadership giftedness
3.01 - 3.49 Slight probability of leadership giftedness
3.50 - 3.79 Modest probability of leadership giftedness
3.80 - 4.39 High probability of leadership giftedness
4.40 - 5.00 Very high probability of leadership giftedness

Tom Tester's Subset Aptitudes Graph

NYLI Subset Definitions & Scores

Persuasive (P1): Leaders convince others to follow them and their ideas (compelling communication, decisiveness, negotiation, selling, convincing): Score 3

Propelled (P2): Leaders are self-motivated, inspiring others to participate (displays efficacy, is driven, passionate, goal-oriented, focused on a vision): Score 3

Planning (P3): Leaders see the big picture and create plans that engage others (strategic thinker, establishes direction and goals, assigns tasks to others): Score 3

Power (P4): Leaders exude courage that inspires others to trust them (boldness, standing up for their ideas, confidence, defending others): Score 3

NYLI Question Responses

Question NumberYour Answer
Question # 1 Sometimes persuades; sometimes is persuaded
Question # 2 Some
Question # 3 Unsure
Question # 4 Sometimes
Question # 5 Occasionally
Question # 6 Sometimes
Question # 7 Some; comfortable socializing with a few trusted older
Question # 8 Some goals/projects done alone, noticed by others
Question # 9 Initiates moderate risks, sometimes followed by a few
Question # 10 For a short time
Question # 11 Negotiates, then compromises with peers
Question # 12 Confidence is moderate
Question # 13 Others partially listen
Question # 14 Decides quickly / may waffle afterward
Question # 15 Some
Question # 16 Younger ages inclined to include socially
Question # 17 Even-tempered
Question # 18 Will sometimes agree to be in charge when asked
Question # 19 Attempts new challenges, but tends to give up when faces difficulties
Question # 20 Very independent
Question # 21 Will verbalize disagreement and seek rationale
Question # 22 Is willing to confront, but backs down with minor conflict
Question # 23 Moderate; participates in competitions with others
Question # 24 Some
Question # 25 Unsure
Question # 26 Occasionally
Question # 27 Some encouragement one-on-one; little group inspiration
Question # 28 Sometimes
Question # 29 Some
Question # 30 Probably

Questions For YouYour Answer
Trainer's Email
Your Name Karl
Your Email
Observation Setting Informal play time
Your Role Parent/Family Member
Observation Frequency More than 10 times
Observation Duration More than 6 hours
Supervision Level low/no control
Time Known 1 year
Child / Youth InformationYour Answer
First Name Tom
Last Name Tester
Age 18
Gender Male
City Denver
State CO
Country USA
Leadership Example a
Project Goal b
Behavior c
Outcome d
Qualifications e
Other Comments f

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