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This person’s NMI composite score: NAN

Based on 30 out of 30 Responses

Gifting Aptitude Estimate Ranges

(The primary purpose of the NMI is to offer an estimate of organizational leadership giftedness and natural aptitude, for developing those more apt to benefit from accelerated leadership training. It does not necessarily measure existing skill gained from life experience. Less than 10% score 3.80 or higher.)

• 1.00-2.49 Very low probability of leadership giftedness
• 2.50-3.00 Low probability of leadership giftedness
• 3.01-3.49 Slight probability of leadership giftedness
• 3.50-3.79 Modest probability of leadership giftedness
• 3.80-4.39 High probability of leadership giftedness
• 4.40-5.00 Very high probability of leadership giftedness

Subset Aptitudes Graph:

Subset Definitions & Scores:

Persuasive (P1): Leaders convince others to follow them and their ideas (compelling communication, decisiveness, negotiation, selling, convincing): Score NAN

Propelled (P2): Leaders are self-motivated, inspiring others to participate (displays efficacy, is driven, passionate, goal-oriented, focused on a vision): Score NAN

Power (P3): Leaders exude courage that inspires others to trust them (boldness, standing up for their ideas, confidence, defending others): Score NAN

Planner (P4): Leaders see the big picture and create plans that engage others (strategic thinker, establishes direction and goals, assigns tasks to others): Score NAN

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