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87Brief Description: Because LeadYoung Training Systems is designed around developmental processes, including cognitive, character, and social-emotional intelligence, middle school students overlap both our preteen and teen Thermostats curricula.  Therefore, middle schools can elect to do either LeadNow, for 10-13 year olds, or LeadWell for 14-18s (or both).  Each program is project-based, active-learning, highly scripted curriculum.  But half of LeadWell’s training involves a strategic planning process, where students design and implement a project, involving more rigor.

We’ll show you how to select the students most apt to benefit from this training and from whom your social climate is most apt to benefit from their positive influence. Certification to use this high-octane program involves approximately 25 hours of online training, followed by a live coaching session via Skype/iPad or video feedback.  Trainers also receive info to help educate parents, colleagues, and to train “Koaches” who coach and debrief project teams and their leaders. For more info on this revolutionary climate change program, click Thermostats Middle School Details & Info for benefits, next steps, prices, and money back guarantee details. (Click Thermostat Brochure for an overview of the program.)

“We have seen the young leaders transformed on our campus, right before our eyes.” –Adam Rasmussen, Principal Gilbert Christian School

“It has produced amazing results.  I heartily recommend it.” –Diane Eussen, Principal