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8LeadWell is designed for high school students.  This project-based, active-learning curriculum is highly scripted.  Half involves mini-projects, whereby a designated Team Leader organizes 3-6 peers, and experiences adult coaching and debrief.  The other half consists of a strategic planning process, whereby teens serve on an executive team to plan and implement a large project in the organization or community.  

We’ll show you how to select the student most apt to benefit from this training and who are most apt to improve your social climate.  Certification to use this high-octane program involves approximately 25 hours of online training, followed by a live coaching sessions via Skype/iPad or video feedback.  Trainers also receive info to educate colleagues, parents, and train “Koaches” who coach and debrief student team leaders.  Fore more info on this revolutionary climate change program, click Thermostats High School Details & Info for benefits, next steps, prices, and money back guarantee details. 


TaliBeing a part of LeadWell was inspirational and a cool experience for me. My teammates and I saw our real life goal take place.  We got there by working together as leaders. Seeing our hard work pay off is exciting and very satisfying.  -Tali (16)

Lisalove the balance of the LeadWell program.  The leaders start with high energy, active learning mini-projects and end up applying them in a real life “Success” project. By the end of each 90-minute session, they walk out with a new found confidence.

-Lisa Merideth, LeadWell Trainer

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