KidLead presents the world’s first organizational leadership training curriculum for ages 6-9…

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How to Bring Out the Leader in Your Child front coverLead1st group activity webLead1st teaches leadership around 16 core leader qualities. By adapting playtime activities to fit team-oriented, leader-led training methods, you can identify early bloomers and help all children understand the social process called leadership and work as teams, led by peers.

Only the Green module is available at this time.  It consists of an illustrated chapter book, color posters (2), concept cards (16), lanyards (4), an Activities Training Manual (ATM) and a copy of “How to Bring Out the Leader in Your Child” (200-pages). Other items can be purchased separately. The Green Module Kit is available now.  These are perfect resources for educators and parents to use for ages 6-9.  (Six year olds may enjoy both Lead1st & KiddieLead.) Click HERE for an order form.

Lead1st ATM-Green front cover webTheUnumAdventurefrontcover webThe  Unum Adventure, an illustrated chapter book for 6-9 year olds and the Green Module Activities Training Manual are now available for purchase on Click on each cover to order.

Plus, take the Social Influence Survey on your child, to estimate his or her ability to learn leadership skills at a very young age.  ClickHERE for this FREE assessment.

Click HERE to see an example of a heart touching project that students came up with on their own, during a servant leader training session.

Dr WuAs a professor of leadership and a mother of two young children, I am passionate about cultivating young leaders with the competence and character to strive for the betterment of our society and planet. LeadYoung training system is undoubtedly the most effective tool that I have encountered to develop young leaders.

he 6- to 9-year-olds I train with Lead1st are so excited about being given the opportunity to lead and to be led by their peers. They embrace their leadership roles seriously and continue to improve, intentionally incorporating the feedback from their Trainer, Koaches and peers. I see the energy in the room that these first through third graders exuberate. These children do not want the session to end–they want more. I see emerging leaders being formed one at a time through the strategic curriculum and transformational pedagogy of the LeadYoung system.

I highly recommend LeadYoung to all educators and parents who want to cultivate effective leadership traits in children and youth. I can hardly think of any other investment that will have such a long-lasting effect on today’s young people and their potential to positively impact our world.

Shuang Frances Wu-Barone, Ph.D.