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Organizational leadership training resources for 19- to 25- year olds!

If you are an undergrad or grad student, or starting out in your career, we’ve got some great leadership development resources for you!  Following are our first phase of resource releases, designed to help young leaders gain the attitudes and skills needed to lead effectively.

LeadWell_textonly_logoSelf-awareness is very important for young leaders (and old ones). Now you have your very ownSocial Influence Survey (SIS), modeled after high-end, expensive executive instruments. This FREE leadership assessment consists of 25-multiple-choice questions. The results offer insights into how people perceive you and what you can do to improve your leading efficacy.  Click the button to take it now.

If you want concentrated, leader skill training, we recommend LeadYoung Training Systems’LeadWell curriculum.  This requires a short Trainer certification prior to using, but this active learning, project-based learning program takes young adults through a series of 10-20 minute mini-projects, allowing team leaders to gain peer and trainer feedback, along with group debrief.  Trainers can also use the SUCCESS Leadership Project Plan, to create real world projects whereby leaders function as an executive team.  Click HERE to watch a 2.5 min. video.  ClickHERE to download an info PDF.


book Leader Lessons coverLeader  Lessons is an 8.5×11 inch training manual with 50 single-page lessons that you can copy and pass out to your staff, class or colleagues.  Plus, each handout has a Trainer’s page, so you can facilitate the lesson.  Whether you have 5 or 35 minutes to do a leader lesson, you’ll receive prompts on how to customize it.  In addition, each lesson has at least 2 activities to create experiential learning and increase retention.  Click HERE for a free sample you can use.

Although this manual is useful for all ages, the reason we’re recommending it for young adult leaders is because they tend to lack significant experience in leading, making the training and mentoring of other leaders more difficult. Attending conferences is expensive and takes time.  Handing someone a book lacks accountability and is costly.  This manual includes 45 topical, grab-and-go lessons and 5 discussion guides to movies that you can watch for entertainment and then learning.   Click HERE to purchase for only $15!  That’s only 30 cents a lesson.

secret of people leadstrong front_Resized_300x482Every leader needs to understand The Secret of People.  History is full of examples of leaders who didn’t treat people with honor.  Ask almost any person and s/he has stories of working for someone who failed to respect them and cultivate an honoring organizational culture.  Although this book does not specifically deal with the topic of leading, it hits the bull’s-eye of understanding what motivates and demotivates people, and how to handle dishonoring actions of others.  Conveying dignity and to others is the secret of people. There is a special page for LeadStrong users, including discussion/reflection questions in the back, so you can use it individually or in a young adult leader training group.

Click HERE to purchase (available in paperback and Kindle).  You can also order the Kindle version on Amazon.com. For bulk discounts of 10 or more, contact us at info@kidlead.com.

d Known front“What I Wish I’d Known About Leadership,” is a guide for young adult leaders.  Join Josh on a journey with a sage mentor, Geoffrey, who shares some of his best transferable wisdom to his young friend.  Plus, you’ll find a guide in the back on finding and being a leader mentor.  Order HERE.  For bulkdiscounts of 10 or more, contact us at info@kidlead.com.

book_leadyoung_cover (3)_Resized_100x160LeadYoung is designed for 14-25 year olds, to understand issues specifically related to leading as a young adult.  You can use this individually, as a group, or along with the LeadWell training curriculum.

You can also contact Dr. Nelson to provide retreat training events for your college/career groups.  For more info, contact us at info@kidlead.com.