Program Overview

The world’s only executive caliber leadership training programs designed specifically for ages 3-23.

According to the Center for Creative Leadership, 90% of leaders surveyed believed leadership development should begin by age 21 and 50% suggested it start by 10 years old.* Unfortunately, the average age when formal leadership training starts is 42.** We give leaders a 20-40 year head start. Click HERE for a brochure on LeadYoung’s age-and-stage training curricula.

5 Things Make LeadYoung Training Unique:

  • Executive Caliber: Our focus is organizational leadership, not just being a good citizen, performing community service, growing self-esteem and character, or team building. We’ve age-sized executive training, modeled after high-end adult programs.
  • Expert Design: Unlike most “leadership” resources for students by educators, LeadYoung is designed by organizational leadership development specialists in correlation with expert practitioners (teachers, educators, child/youth workers).
  • Project Based: You’ll not find talking heads or boring lectures. This is learn-by-leading, focusing on skills and experiential training methods (21st-century pedagogy).
  • Scalable: You don’t have to hire an expensive pro or send your students to pricey camps. Rather, we train people how to use this in their own organization, so more can afford to participate.
  • Age Appropriate: We’ve overlaid organizational leadership training with classic developmental psychology (cognitive, character, social-emotional) to make the impact effective.

5 Age-N-Stage Training Curricula

  • Phase 1: Ages 3-5: KiddieLead (Green Module only at this time)
  • Phase 2: Ages 6-9: Lead1st (Green Module only at this time)
  • Phase 3: Ages 10-13: LeadNow is 50 hours of training in 4 modules, requiring a 1-day certification (or via online webinars & Skype) to use the program.
  • Phase 4: Ages 14-18: LeadWell is 50 hours of training in 4 modules, requiring a 3-hour webinar training to use, plus a text: “LeadYoung.”
  • Phase 5: Ages 19-25: LeadStrong uses LeadWell curriculum plus it has its own SIS assessment and additional books for young adult leaders.

The LYTS Narrative

Once upon a time, The world was run by leaders who randomly emerged in society.
Everyday, people complained there weren’t more effective leaders and fewer unethical ones.
One day, someone came up with a way to identify and develop leaders, long before they normally came into power.
Because of that, leaders started being intentionally developed very young, while they’re still moldable.
Because of that, people around the world began seeing the power of what young, trained leaders can do, as never before.
Until finally, the time came when a new breed of leader ran the world, more effectively than ever and ethically. The world was a happy place.

Click HERE to download a free PowerPoint pdf of Dr. Nelson’s vision on young leader development.

If you want to change the world, focus on leaders. If you want to change leaders, focus on them when they’re young.

Click HERE to watch a TV news story on a public school using LeadNow!


*Survey of 462 responders, published by The Center for Creative Leadership (www.ccl.org)
**Reported in Harvard Business Blog Network, 12/2012 from 17,000 managers surveyed.