Thermometers measure temperature.

Thermostats set it.


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A powerful curriculum to help you identify and develop the student Thermostats in your school, improving classroom climate.

Over a decade of research proves that positive behavior improves academic success ( We’ve created a robust curriculum to help you identify and develop the natural social influencers in your student body, the first of its kind, based on our pioneering work with 1000s of students globally. This Trojan Horse, social engineering strategy equips and empowers the top 10-20% of students possessing organizational intelligence, to use this for good and as a result, reduces bullying and disruptions, while increasing positive behaviors throughout the study body.  Think of it as a way to extend your staff by tapping the energy of your high octane natural influencers, allowing teachers to teach and students to learn more effectively. Educators love it and we guarantee you will too, or your money back!

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Free Library (Stay educated)

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