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(This assessment is to be taken on students, ages 6-18)

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Explanation: The SIS was designed to identify observable leadership indicators in children, preteens and teens (ages 6-18), for the purpose of developing these aptitudes for future effectiveness.  While the SIS does not predict the absence of leadership potential, it is designed to help identify children & youth with current capacity, whose actions might otherwise be overlooked or wrongly assessed.  Adults respond to questions about the student.  This is not for children or preteens to take on themselves, but could be taken by a teenager.  The SIS is used as part of the LeadNow and LeadWell training program application, as well as a pre-test for benchmarking growth among those participating in a program.  Each training program applicant needs to submit an application and 2 SIS forms, one of which must be from a non-relative.

Directions: If you are using this for your own child/youth as a personal growth tool, be sure to mark the “Parent/Guardian” circle and you will receive a feedback summary and questions explanation in return.  If you are taking this for another child who is applying for a KidLead/LeadYoung training program—then your survey will not be returned to you or the parent/guardian of the child, for anonymity.  This provides more accurate feedback for us in considering the fit of the training program.  It is VERY important to include the Trainer e-mail and host organization name IF this is part of a training program application.

The reliability of the SIS results depends on the person taking the survey having observed the student in a social setting. This might include parents, relatives, school teachers, coaches, religious teachers, after school program directors, family friends and neighbors.  There will be 25, multiple-choice questions.  All questions must be answered in order to submit the survey. Please answer the final questions if part of an application.

There are no right or wrong, good or bad answers.  Mark the response that seems to best reflect how you have observed the student.  First responses are usually best.  If you do not feel you can adequately answer a question, mark “Unsure.” KidLead retains this data for its ongoing research on leadership development, but will not share any personal information with anyone other than a certified Trainer if part of a training program application. This is a secure form.

NOTE TO TEACHERS/PARENTSTeachers, we’ve found that educators sometime mix academic skills with leading. Please try to distinguish between these when you respond, thinking in terms of the student’s social skills and ability to influence others toward a common goal (leading).  We’ve also found that sometimes parents like to project their wishes onto their children, so as much as possible, strive to be objective in terms of actual behaviors witnessed in social settings.

(Click HERE for a MSWord format of the SIS.  This has no automated summary or parental key and is only recommended if you cannot use the following online format and it needs to be submitted as part of a KidLead training application.  Also be sure that you include the Trainer’s e-mail address and host organization name, to be sure your info makes it to the proper source.  Again, this is a secure form, so your information is safe.)

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