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How well does your school or organization do in tapping the energy of your social catalysts?

report card_Resized_300x333Schools and non-profits that work with children and youth are nearly always looking for more resources.  Unfortunately, most leave a lot of growth potential “on the table” when they fail to tap the energy of their Thermostats.  A lot of organizations claim that they do student leadership development, but few analyze how they’re doing.  KidLead has developed a “Student Leadership Development Assessment” (SLDA).  ClickHERE if you’d like to download a free pdf that will help you look at various aspects of whether or not your organization values leadership development that is directly related to using this energy positively, toward academic success..


school houseSchools can take advantage of the natural social influence among their student Thermostats. Learn how you can reduce classroom disruptions that interrupt learning, decrease bullying, and elevate positive behavior. Few educators have leadership development experience, but now you can with this user friendly training curriculum.  For a free pdf download, click HERE